We provide full service printer, copier and fax repair services. Included in those three are plotter, wide format printing and other varieties of print devices. The core of our services apply to small office printing devices.

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We not only provide repair services, we also provide preventative maintenance and managed print services.


Sale of print, copier and other type equipment. We also sale toner and ink consumables.

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Office Hero: We received a call from a busy office where their printer suddenly stopped working, causing a major disruption to their daily operations. Our technician arrived onsite within a few hours, equipped with the necessary tools and parts. After a thorough inspection, they identified a faulty component and replaced it on the spot. The printer was up and running again, much to the relief of the office staff. They were impressed with our quick response and professional service, allowing them to resume their work without any further delays.

Remote Office Rescue: A remote office located in a rural area reached out to us with a printer problem. They were unable to print important documents, and their local options for repair were limited. Understanding the urgency, we dispatched a technician to their location. Despite the challenging terrain, our technician arrived onsite and diagnosed the issue – a faulty paper feed mechanism. They had the necessary replacement part with them and swiftly repaired the printer. The remote office was grateful for our dedication to serving customers in even the most remote locations.

Large-Scale Printer Revival: A large printing facility experienced a critical breakdown in one of their high-capacity printers, jeopardizing their production schedule. Realizing the urgency, we immediately dispatched a team of technicians to their site. They worked tirelessly to diagnose the complex issue and identified a malfunctioning sensor. With their expertise and our extensive inventory of spare parts, they replaced the faulty sensor and performed a thorough calibration. The printer was back in operation, ensuring the printing facility could meet their deadlines and maintain their reputation for timely delivery.

These stories highlight our commitment to providing onsite printer repair services that prioritize efficiency, expertise, and customer satisfaction. No matter the size or complexity of the printer issue, we strive to deliver prompt and reliable solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for our valued clients.


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