Laser On-Line has had service technicians in the field for almost two decades supporting the Portland business business community. We provide courteous friendly customer service to all our customers. The three things that have made us successful are the following.

Competent, Skilled and Knowledgeable Service

Our service starts with skilled printer repair technicians who can service all major brands and many not so popular printers. They can also service many types from Micro printers to wide format office printers and all office printers in between.

Friendly Customer Service

We don’t go out of our way to deliver great customer service, we like people and being friendly, curious and going out of our way for people just comes natural to us, we’re just friendly folks who want to make an good living but an honest one and also like helping people.

Serving as a Partner to Our Customers

We are always going out of our way to help people meet a deadline, etc. but are in a crisis situation because their printer decided that this is a perfect time to start malfunctioning.

All our technicians are up to date on the latest service techniques and protocols. If you have any type of printer service need call us 503-784-7212.